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 About us


LocalCom is an Australian based business, with a vision of bringing professional and efficient NBN broadband service to local businesses and being the best internet provider in Australia for all our clients and partners.

Our unique Support Partner Network “SPN” enables our clients to receive real service, from real and locally based people, retaining business in YOUR communities.

Our mission at LocalCom is to be the most trusted Telecommunications partner and the best internet provider in by using people in your community who know your business.

The Support Partner Network members are generally PBX technicians and Managed IT companies. Our platform provides the ability to quote directly to the customers, monitor order progress with full transparency from the supplier, provide Level 2 trouble-shooting and enable whole of business account management.


More control and a professional client experience.

In 2009, LocalCom began initially providing low calling rates whilst retaining voice integrity.

Today, LocalCom is a nationwide voice and NBN broadband provider and an industry leader. We pride ourselves on our personalized customer support and innovative business integration.

LocalCom can provide to the market the best nbn deals with  leading pricing

g at a competitive rate, tailored to your business needs, enabling lower overheads with the assurance of being looked after locally.